Dropd Influencer Partnership Agreement

This agreement is made by and between an approved influencer and Dropd, Inc. An "approved influencer" herein defined as a "Partner" is a social media influencer that has registered for our influencer program and has been approved by Dropd via a confirmation email. Dropd Radio is a music player and promotion platform. Dropd will generate revenue through the social promotion of music on the platform.


Dropd agrees to split all revenue with each approved influencer for revenue generated by each influencer on the Dropd Radio Platform. The fee split will be as follows:


80% of gross revenue generated to the Influencer/Partner and 20% to Dropd. The terms of this agreement is 1 year and will automatically renew unless cancelled by either party. The 1 year term for the purposes of the 80% split will begin upon the official launch date of the new Dropd Radio version that supports music promotion and payments. All funds payable to Influencer/Partner will be sent directly to a Paypal account supplied to Dropd by the Influencer/Partner. Any and all changes, additions or modifications to the terms of this agreement will be made in writing with 30 days notice to our Partners.

For any questions, please email us at - motu@dropd.co